How to Help Us Maintain and Develop this Project


The Niagara Falls Veterans Memorial Commission Inc., a non- profit corporation based in Niagara Falls, NY was granted permission by the Niagara Falls City Council by formal Resolution to develop approximately 6.5 acres of land in Hyde Park for the purpose of a Veterans Memorial park within the park. That is how American Veterans Monument at Niagara Falls, came to be. While the Commission has applied and received grants from the New York State Assembly and the City Niagara Falls, funding has been raised through donation and contributions of private citizens, corporations, and various organizations. The Commission has also been designated by the Niagara Falls City Council in a resolution as the Administrator of the site to insure the integrity and dignity is maintained.

We are still looking for volunteers, if you are interested in volunteering, please contact Stan at 716-807-7691. We are currently in need of volunteers to escort the wall on Motorcycles.

Make a Contribution

If you are interested in helping us and would like to make a contribution, then please feel free to get in touch with us. Your help would be truly appreciated and let us bring smiles to the faces of a few more war veterans and their dear ones. You may also call us to find out more about our work and our upcoming events.